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Tips and Tools from our Friends at Shape Up Houston

 houston weight loss program

Fly Movement and its staff are based in Houston, Texas.  We live, work, and play here, so our commitment to Houston is absolute.  While our focus is on the fitness of Houston kids, we hope that our enthusiasm for fitness finds its way into the hearts of not only our children but their families – moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, even neighbors.  Our friends at Shape Up Houston share a similar concern – to ultimately, improve the health and well-being of all of Houston, through fitness.

In 2012, Shape Up Houston’s founder, Lan Bentsen, sought to get Houstonians to not only lose access weight, but to meet a much loftier goal – to lose one million pounds.  Through its innovative tools including their: Employer Wellness Program , complimentary BMI Calculator, FREE Fitness Tracker, and Sleep Diary (which helps you determine your sleep patterns and health risks associated with lost or interrupted sleep), Shape Up Houston helped people from all over the city shape up and trim down.  Participants registered with Shape Up Houston, and participated in regular community events and forums hosted by Shape Up Houston.

Houston weight loss program

As a result of this epic challenge, at the time of this publication, Houstonians participating in Shape Up Houston have logged more than 3,020,390,131 miles!  Together, they’ve lost over 58,000 pounds. We have nearly 942,000 pounds to lose.  We need your help and Shape Up Houston has a plan.  They shared it with us and we would like to share it with you.  To lose more weight, and reach our collective million pound challenge, here are five things you can do to join the success:

  1. First, register at It’s easy and free!
  2. Then, grab a pencil or better yet, a marker, and write on a piece of paper, in huge letters, your personal fitness or diet related goals
    • Like, start my day with a glass of water, eat more fruit, walk every day for 20 minutes, take the stairs…
  3. Take a “selfie” with your piece of paper in hand, showing that written goal
  4. Commit to your goal
  5. And email that photo to:
    • and share on social media using #MillionPoundChallenge, #ShapeUpHouston, or #SmallStepsBigResults

Let’s get moving Houston. Track your health and celebrate your success!


About the Author

Stephanie Tillman volunteers her content writing to Fly Movement. She is a Texas licensed attorney and flight attendant. She pens creative nonfiction and web content from her Houston, Texas home.