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FLY Movement, Houston’s first innovative Kids Fitness Program, implemented a new fun activity called The Zombie Run at its fall 2015 launch at Brookline Elementary. Children’s physical activity increased 14% during the kids fitness program.

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Brookline 3rd graders were rocking! I knew they would have fun competing in a mini triathlon that consisted of: a duck walk race, a bear crawl race, and finally a bubble wrap popping race, but I didn’t realize how fast they would finish all three challenges. With Meagan leading the blue team and me leading the red team, (or rather us trying to keep up with them), it was a perfect ending to a great fall program with Ms. Salazar’s 3rd grade class at Brookline Elementary.

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This program we did something different…

Instead of splitting the class and having two teams compete against each other to see which team could score the most fitness moves, Ernesto came up with a great idea of introducing The Zombie Run – a fun interactive program where students have to reach a checkpoint on the map (playground, University, Capitol Hill) by generating a specific number of fitness moves as registered by the fitness trackers Fly Movement provides. We created a fun zombie Race map for the kids that was kept in their classroom and showed the number of miles they needed to generate by a certain time in order to safely reach the next check point. As soon as the Zombie Race challenge was given, we noticed a sizable increase in their physical activity.

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* Days where the kids did not have their fitness trackers are not included: 9/28, 9/29, 9/30, 10/5, 10/12, 10/13, 10/19, 10/26, 10/27

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Kids physical activity jumped 14% 

After the Zombie Race challenge was given to the Sharks (their classroom name), the physical activity jumped. Motivated to reach the weekly check points and the potential to win prizes, the kids average daily fitness moves jumped 14% from 11,434 moves a day to 13,019. We consider this a success and one of the many ways we can engage students who participate in our program to be more active. Wonderful job from the Fly Movement volunteers who helped make this program a success!

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