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Fly Movement takes a tour of the awesome Houston Toolbank warehouse.

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Meagan, Jon-Michael, Michelle, and Rocky inside the Houston Toolbank.

Can you imagine a breakthrough for your organization that could lead to more change, projects getting completed, and without incurring a heavy cost on the balance sheet? Well there can be. Collaborating with the Houston Toolbank will prove to be an instant hit with your charity, school, or civic association!

Ever since John Crabb, Toolbank board member, invited Fly Movement to take a tour of the Toolbank warehouse, we waited with profound interest to see just what they provided. And when Meagan, Michelle, and I arrived at their facility on the East side of Houston located at 1215 Gazin Street, we were surprised to see all the many wonderful tools that were so neatly stocked and shelved and waiting to the equip the hands of Houston’s finest to make a difference. Jon-Michael Laboski, Toolbank Executive Director, and Rocky who helps manage the warehouse, kindly gave us a tour and explained to us fully how the process works.

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First, what is the Toolbank?

The Houston Community ToolBank is a nonprofit tool lending program that serves other nonprofits by putting available and high-quality tools in the hands of the volunteers. Have a project where you need to paint a school, plant a garden, repair a roof? Forget about buying new tools or even paying top dollar to lease them. For very little, the Houston Community ToolBank provides fast and easy access to large volumes of high-quality tools so your organization can get projects done and not have to spend a heavy budget on tools.

Who does the Toolbank serve?

  • Tax exempt organizations
  • Veterans groups
  • Schools and PTAs/PTOs
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Civic organizations
  • Government agencies

How do I signup?

Before you can borrow ToolBank tools, you must first become a ToolBank member agency by completing the brief online membership application. There is no membership fee to become a ToolBank member. You can apply at

Can I see an inventory list of tools available?

Yes! Click here to view the complete list of tools and equipment available to borrow.

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This sounds like a cool organization, where can I learn more?

We heard their Hammers and Ales event features giveaways, appetizers, guest appearances, and craft beer! Can’t wait to go. Also, you can check out their website to learn more.

Special thanks to Jon-Michael Laboski, Rocky, and Jonathan Fisher who were so kind to give us a personal tour of the Toolbank warehouse.