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All too often, I find myself wondering what to do with my kids on a beautiful Saturday. As we enter the fall season of amazing weather and fantastic outdoor opportunities, I’ve started compiling a list of some of my favorite ways to get my family moving in Houston. Hopefully, these can serve as inspiration to make the most of the season’s great weather.

1. Sports

There are so many fun sports to watch in our great city, but why not participate in them? We love having intramural sports available. There are a number of wonderful options through the YMCA and many community leagues depending on where you live in the city. Sports can be fun for the entire family because the participant gets to be active and learn about teamwork, while the rest of the family can enjoy cheering on and supporting a loved one.

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2. Animals

Who doesn’t love the zoo? Fresh air and the opportunity to learn about a multitude of animals helps us stay healthy while expanding our minds. The Houston Zoo is a 55 acre zoological park with over 6,000 animals. After dozens of trips to the zoo, I still regularly find new exhibits to view. If you really want to discover something, check out the storks. They look nothing like you would expect!

When the zoo starts feeling a little too tame an option for animal viewing, we head south on 288 to the Crocodile Encounter. This American Zoo Accredited facility is run by a former middle school science teacher with an unbridled passion for helping animals and educating the public. Just remember to bring some romaine lettuce to feed the tortoises! Your kids won’t soon forget this outing.

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3. Museums

Sometimes, the weather just doesn’t cooperate with outdoor activities, but that doesn’t mean you have to be couch-bound for the day. Houston is a museum rich area with so much to offer. The Children’s Museum of Houston is completely interactive and perfect for all ages. My youngest son loves the Tot Spot on the third floor, while my older son gravitates to the Invention Convention.

We also regularly find ourselves at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Each visit brings us something new. We never miss the paleontology hall, but we also try to visit a new exhibit each time. It never disappoints, and if the weather that drove you inside has cleared up, you can always venture across the street into Hermann Park.

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4. Parks

Speaking of Hermann Park, why not get out and enjoy some fresh air without an agenda? With an unlimited number of activities available on any given weekend, you can go just for a picnic, or you can spend the day boating, riding the train, and enjoying a concert at Miller Outdoor Theatre.

An especially appealing area to young families is Discovery Green. This twelve-acre park is located in downtown Houston and is home to movie nights, family yoga, concerts, and festivals. On most weekends, you can likely go to Discovery Green and stumble upon something fun to do. In the winter, there is even an ice skating rink!

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There is nothing more important than time with your family, so why not get out of the house and enjoy that time together? Get outside (or inside, pending weather), and make the most of what Houston has to offer. How are you going to get moving first?


5. Free Fun Runs

Fly Movement collaborating with The Houston Wellness Project and Upgrade Happy, provide Houstonians an opportunity to participate in Htown’s only FREE Kids+Family fun run. Children 9 and under (and parents) can run a 1-mile course and immediately following, older kids and adults can run a 3 mile course.  The free fun runs are not only a great way for families to spend quality time together and are generally held in downtown at UHD. For more info, visit

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