A Fun Way to Motivate Students to be more Active using Fitness Bands

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Fly Movement, Eric Melchor, Evelyn Shu, Garden Oaks Elementary

Fly Movement founders Eric Melchor and Evelyn Shu with kids from Garden Oaks Elem.


What is FLY Movement?

Fly Movement is a fun way that you can help inspire kids to get moving. Classes of students form teams. If the teams reach a set goal, the students will be awarded with fun, educational prizes.

Growing up, we spent hours playing hide-and-go-seek, basketball, kickball, and a variety of other games. Kids today, however, spend less than seven minutes of outdoor play a day and spend several hours inside fixated to iPads, mobile phones and the television. Be being less active, kids are missing out on the many benefits of exercise.

Our mission at FLY Movement is to help restore some of those benefits. The concept is simple: elementary school students voluntarily wear fitness bands for a set period of time. If the entire class achieves a set number of points (moves), they win a prize. Students do not compete individually, but as a team. The more active a child is while wearing the band, the more points they will earn towards their goal.

fly movement, kids jumping jacks, garden oaks elementary

Evelyn and Ernesto doing jumping jacks with kids at Garden Oaks.


What are the benefits of motivating kids to be more active?

There are several benefits and skills developed when children are active and play more. Examples are:

  • Develop longer attention spans
  • Build stronger social interaction skills
  • Create healthy habits for life
  • Lower the risk of becoming obese as an adult
  • Reduce the risk for long-term chronic health conditions like asthma, heart disease and diabetes
  • Improve academic performance

In addition to all these benefits acquired, Fly Movement will also help induce a friendly goal oriented spirit and enhance self-motivation in kids.

Fly Movement, Ernesto Saldivar, kids with fitness bands

Ernesto with kids from Garden Oaks Elementary – Fly Movement






Fly Movement, girl fitness band, movable

Evelyn showing kids how to use the Fitness Band