5 Reasons Your Family Should Participate in a Fun Run

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It is estimated that 17% of children in America are now obese; a staggering number, when you consider that this means one in every six children is struggling with obesity. While there are many ways to battle this statistic, our top two means of fighting back are a healthy diet and plenty of activity.

There is a seemingly endless number of activities to choose from when looking for ways to make your family more active, so it is important to choose activities that engage each person and give them a goal to work towards. We’ve got a great option for your family coming up on November 6th here in Houston, TX, with our Fall Fun Run. Why participate in a fun run? We break down five compelling reasons why you need to sign the whole family up today:

#1. Exercise

We can’t just tell our kids that exercising is important. We have to get out there and do it, too. Bonus points for exercising with your kids! Believe it or not, kids enjoy having time with their parents. Start early, and they will expect and enjoy these opportunities.

#2. Family Time

It is also an excellent way to incorporate more family time into your life. How often have you wished for more time with your kids? And how often do your kids ask you to play with them? Give yourself and your children the gift of more time together. It is an incredibly worthwhile investment. Not only are you spending time with your family, you are also staying healthy!

#3. Supports a Good Cause

Many times, a fun run is being held to support a good cause. Whether it is finding a cure for cancer or supporting a local athletic program with a great snack at the end, a fun run is usually a great opportunity to help your kids learn how to be a contributing member of your community. You are never too young to give back and participate in a good cause.

#4. Gives Your Kids a Goal

Many schools and athletic programs are no longer pushing for children to be as competitive as they used to, and a fun run gives your kids a goal. Your family may find value in raising money for the organization supporting the fun run, or it may be most important just to participate and complete the course. Either way, your family will have a goal to work towards, and a little healthy competition may develop as an added bonus.

#5. Improves Communication

One of the most important aspects of raising children is keeping an open avenue of communication. Studies have shown that spending time with your children is the most productive way to keep them talking. The more we talk with our kids, the more value our words have with them. What better time to spend with our kids than now?


Photo courtesy of Ashley Shuler.

Fun runs are an excellent use of family time, and there are innumerable benefits to getting outside and participating with your family. Remember that one fun run is great, but more will be even better. A continuous level of activity with your family will create a habit that should last a lifetime. It will be immensely rewarding to see the activity and family support continue into future generations.

What are you waiting for now? Get signed up, get out there, and get moving as a family!