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When we are considering the health and prosperity of the children in our communities, it’s important to take time to get to know the local Houstonians working to make our children healthier. Since these local heroes have the health of the littlest Houstonians on their mind, we’ll be sure to keep these health advocates on our minds as inspiration.

Meet Your Local Children’s Wellness Heroes

Wayne Davis (Bodies in Motion)

wayne davis bodies in motion

Wayne Davis was featured in a 2014 Houston Chronicle article about battling children’s obesity. His organization, Bodies in Motion, works in partnership with Katy-area studio HardCore Pilates to provide free exercise programs to children. Davis works with children and parents to support health decisions that combat the factors contributing to childhood obesity. His organization offers children free workshops that include calisthenics, Pilates, boxing, fit summer camps, and nutrition education.

“Two Moms” (Wonderwild)


Moms are the often unsung heroes of children’s health, and the two unnamed founders of the children’s indoor playground franchise, Wonderwild, are similar to “secret” heroes in the Houston community. With its sprawling and high jungle gyms, bounce houses, age-appropriate play areas, and more, Wonderwild is a model of making physical activity fun for children. Kids are too busy playing to think about the beneficial long-term effects of exercise, and parents can leverage a safe place to let their children be active and creative.

Annise Parker

Houstonians will recognize the name of Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker. During her tenure as Houston mayor from 2010 to 2016, Parker was a voice for public health, among other social causes. To encourage physical activity and community for Houston children and families, Parker launched the Go Healthy Houston initiative in 2012. It’s legacy remains to lasting effect with family-friendly health events like Cigna Sunday Streets and outdoor volunteer opportunities.

Claudia Clonkin (Texas Children’s Hospital)

As the director of food and nutrition services in the prestigious Texas Children’s Hospital system, Claudia Clonkin is in charge of the hospital’s team of nutrition specialists and dietitians. Under her tenure, Texas Children’s Hospital published their electronic Pediatric Nutrition Reference Guide. Daily, Clonkin’s work directly impacts the nutritional program for children in Houston, as well as around the country.

Niiobli Armah (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

houston city hall fellows

Niiobli Armah was highlighted as a Houston health advocate fighting childhood obesity with the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities program. In his time working as Houston program coordinator for Children and Neighborhoods Defeat Obesity (CAN DO), Armah worked with residents to identify challenges and possible solutions to Houston’s obesity epidemic. His work provided resources, assessments, leadership, and more to local Houston schools, even supporting school vegetable gardens!

Beth Harp (Kids’ Meals Houston)

Beth Harp is the executive director of the local non-profit, Kids’ Meals Houston. The group’s mission: to end childhood hunger by personally delivering healthy meals to children in need across the Houston metro. By helping preschool-aged children get the early nutrition their bodies need, Harp and the volunteers of Kids’ Meals Houston are building a healthy foundation for the children who need it most in our community.

Our Shared Goal: Keeping Children Healthy

From fitness trackers to fun runs, Fly Movement wants to keep children engaged and excited about living a healthy lifestyle. With inspiration from our local children’s health role-models, our shared goal is to continue to promote exercise and wellness for every little Houstonian.

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