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Even as an adult, it can be tough to get motivated to be active. It is all too common for us grown-ups to set unreasonable New Year’s resolutions that involve eating healthier, losing weight, and getting into the gym. My goal, as a parent, is to create active, healthy lifestyles for my kids so they don’t have to struggle in their later years. One of the best ways to facilitate these habits is to make it fun. Read on to learn about ways we make fitness fun for kids in our house:

1. Set Goals

It helps everyone to set a goal. Whether that goal is being able to run a mile, an incentivized treat once you’ve completed a certain task, or getting through something more challenging, a measurable goal can be a great way to make an activity more fun. One of my boys will be completing his first kid’s triathlon in the spring, and we are really looking forward to it. He’s got a swimming goal, a biking goal, and a running goal to work towards. I have no doubt that those goals will make his activities leading up to his triathlon that much more exciting!


2. Play Games

We play a lot of games in (and out) of our house. The only soccer star in our family is our seven year old, but that doesn’t keep the rest of us off the field. We get outside on a very regular basis to play soccer, and we also play a lot of beach volleyball in our living room. It’s a miracle we haven’t broken more, but our boys always know that we are active and fun. To combine the two just makes sense!


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3. Turn on Some Tunes

Music plays a large part in the lives of many. We play music in the car, in our homes, and when we work out. Music can really make an activity special and exciting. Sometimes, fitness isn’t some specific workout; sometimes, it is just a dance party in your living room. Let music play a part in making life fun – just don’t forget to get out there and move with it.


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4. Be Active as a Family

I’m a huge advocate of doing things as a family, so it just makes sense to me that we would be active as a family. We like to go for walks after dinner when the weather and our schedules cooperate. We also enjoy hitting the bowling lanes together. Not every “fitness” activity has to be traditional. The main thing we are teaching our kids by being active is that it is a lifestyle. Why not incorporate the people you love with those activities?


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5. Mix It Up

How guilty are you of doing the same activities over and over? The only thing we want routine is that we are on the move. If you usually head to the gym to get some cardio in, why not take your kids out for a bike ride? Your kids haven’t tried ice skating yet? Take them to the rink! Bringing new events into the mix is a great way to make your family want to be more active.


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We’ve all tried to talk our kids into doing things that aren’t traditionally fun. As parents, we all know that it isn’t easy. Instead of talking your kids into doing something that isn’t fun, why don’t you try making something fun? With a touch of music, a fun goal, or something new to try, your kids will be more excited to get on the move. What will you try first?