Board Director Roles

Welcome and thanks for your interest in learning more about Fly Movement’s Houston Board Director roles and responsibilities. If you are interested in joining an innovative nonprofit board of directors, please contact Eric at [email protected].

Fundraising Board Director


  • Submit one grant application every week from Jan – April
  • Connect with, develop relationship, meet with foundations
  • Email fundraising campaign in early December to previous donors
  • Ask Teachers to distribute parental voluntary donation form (during program)

Volunteer Board Director


  • Respond to inquiries from Volunteer Houston within 24 hours
  • Update our profile on Volunteer Houston and Fly Volunteer Page as needed
  • Setup & coordinate volunteer lunch and learns as needed
  • Send background checks to new volunteers who will go to schools
  • Order T-shirts for new volunteers
  • Print and Distribute volunteer manuals as needed
  • Solicit feedback from Volunteers
  • Recruit volunteers for kid fun runs


Program Board Director(s)


  • Confirm program dates with Teachers and Principals
  • Meet 1st Time Teachers participating in program & explain program
  • Confirm headcount and get names of students participating
  • Determine / Place new tracker order with DHS if necessary
  • Prepare parental media consent form and pre-program survey
  • Prepare program timeline for Teachers & Volunteers
  • Ask Teachers to distribute consent form at least one week before program
  • Setup trackers and groups in DHS Health portal
  • Coordinate visit dates with Volunteer Director; send program timeline
  • Buy necessary supplies for games/program and have ready
  • Ensure trackers have proper ID and are tagged properly
  • Place trackers in brown bags; assign each bag to individual student
  • Send email reminders to Teachers days before program launched
  • Send text reminders to volunteers about program launch
  • Launch program – Distribute trackers & retrieve consent forms
  • Send post launch thank you email to Teachers, remind to wear trackers
  • During program analyze data to determine avg # of moves from both classrooms
  • Provide Teachers update about program & kids physical activity
  • Help draft newsletter sharing program details (review newsletter)
  • Repeat P10, P13, P14, P17, P18, and P19 during program for visits 2-4
  • Distribute parental voluntary donation form
  • Purchase sports equipment for kids to distribute at last visit
  • Order small thank you gift for Teachers and volunteers
  • Send final report to Teachers and Principal about kids physical activity

Kids Fun Run Board Director


  • Collaborate with Houston Wellness Project and Goofy in preparing fun runs
  • Promote fun run across Fly Movement’s newsletter and social media channels
  • Be on site at fun run, setup Fly Movement tent, assist where needed
  • Help recruit volunteers for fun run
  • Motivate participants at fun run
  • Seek potential sponsors and partnerships


Juventus Training Camp Board Director


  • Collaborate with Z Zone Fitness in promoting the Juventus training camp
  • Share marketing material with schools, media, and Fly Movement’s social channels
  • Recruit kids and families to enter the drawing to win a free registration for the camp
  • Attend the training camp to take pictures