How much is the Fly Movement program for schools and parents?

Fly Movement is a free health program. While we do not charge schools or parents to participate on our program, we strongly suggest that parents or PTO/PTA members of the school help volunteer and participate in our program.

Are the trackers waterproof?

No, the trackers are water resistant (can wash your hands), but not waterproof. So kids should not go swimming or take a batch wearing the trackers.

Will the bands be the property of the school, the students?

At this time trackers are to be returned to Fly Movement at the end of the program.

Will the activity of each students be stored, shared, or displayed in any way?

Fitness activity is securely stored in the DHS Group health technology platform and only accessible by Fly Movement and DHS. Fitness activity is shared at an aggregate level (by team, classroom, gender, and grade level). Fly Movement does share the fitness activity for the “Top 3 Movers” of the week.

Do the parents have any responsibilities?

No, but we encourage parents to participate in our free family fun run with their kids. Want to know what our volunteers do? Check out our volunteer guide.

How long is the battery life of each tracker?

The battery life lasts 14 – 21 days without recharging, but we recommend trackers are synced and recharged by plugging into a computer once a week by a school administrator. (Students and parents are not responsible for recharging the trackers).

How are movements tracked? (how are points earned)

A fitness tracker records moves, steps, and miles using a 3D accelerometer. Each move counts as one point.

Can a student or parent log into a program (website) to view their activity?

At this time no, but Fly Movement does share the students’ progress through email newsletters and social media.

If a student loses or breaks their fitness band, will it be replaced?

Fly Movement does provide every classroom with a few extra trackers if a student(s) loses their tracker.

Does a student have to participate in the class competition?

No. Fly Movement is a free and voluntary program.

Will a student have to weigh themselves or step onto a scale?


What are some examples of the prizes the students may win?

Soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, Frisbees, kites, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and more.

Will students be responsible for connecting the fitness band to a computer to upload data or install any programs on their personal computer?

No. A designated school administrator will be responsible for syncing the fitness trackers.