We're Fly Movement

A dynamic nonprofit initiative that brings health and fitness into the homes and minds of our community’s children and their families. See our case study.

What We Do

We motivate kids to increase their kids to increase their physical activity and develop goal setting habits while also teaching them the benefits of physical activity.

How We Do It

Across two semesters, students have an opportunity to reach a fitness goal through fun, rewarding team competition using fitness trackers, under desk bike pedals, and fun runs along with in class lesson and parent education material to get the whole family involved.

Where We Do It

We start where kids can’t help but pay attention: schools. After onboarding teachers and PTO/PTA volunteers,  Fly teams visit the students multiple times over two semesters and also give students and their families an opportunity to run in a free 1 or 3 mile fun run.

Why We Do It

More than 1 in 3 kids are overweight or obese – a figure that only worsens in low-income, minority populations. Healthy lifestyle habits start (and stick) early. That’s where we – and our amazing volunteers – come in.

From Start to Finish

Our program is thoughtfully designed and enriched by wonderful volunteers. Our concept is simple and innovative. As we strive to make the best kids health program, we aim to enrich the life and self-esteem of every student.

In Begins with Building Trust

View the activities we lead students in.

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Our Program Progress

View the story. See a case study.