Kids Fitness Volunteers

Want to Inspire Kids to Move by being a part of an Innovative Fitness Program? Then we want you. Fly Movement is a Houston based innovative kids health program that provides students with fitness trackers. We need volunteers who enjoy working with kids and like physical activity so more kids can participate in our program.

Meagan and Kevin asking the kids what are their favorite ways to move and by physically active?

Position Description

Fly Movement works with children, ages 7 to 8, who participate in our kids’ fitness program. In most instances, volunteers and interns become very important role models and have significant influence in the lives of our children and our mission. As a volunteer, you will:

– help lead the kids in fun physical exercises and games at participating schools

– join Fly Movement and visit the kids once every two weeks for 6 weeks (3 total visits). Each visit lasts 30 minutes.

– show the kids how to use the fitness trackers

– take pictures and video of the kids participating

See our Volunteer Guide

kids fitness volunteer guide, kids health volunteer manual

Fly Movement Volunteer Guide



Interested? Reach us at 832-590-0478 or via Email : [email protected]