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How do we get the Fly Movement program into our schools and how much does it cost?


“I’m a Teacher and I want to bring this to my school”

“I’m a teacher and I want to bring this to my school. We are a very small district – 350 students plus 80 teachers and staff. I was look for a way to get teachers and staff on a Fitbit challenge and came across this. I think this would be a great way to boost our morale and increase our health! I am looking forward to talking to you.”


“I’m a 3rd grade teacher working in one of the highest poverty areas” (from Houston)

“Hello, my name is Janice. I am a 3rd grade teacher in Houston, TX working in one of the highest poverty areas. I am part of Alief ISD. My students come from broken homes and don’t have very much. They struggle with living a healthy life whether that’s personal hygiene or nutrition or simply taking care of themselves. The students struggle with academics due to their lifestyle. Is Fly Movement a program for us? I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time. I would love to tell you more about my school.”


“I’m very interested in your program” (from New York)

“Good Afternoon, I’m very interested in your program. I was wondering if it is exclusively in Houston or would bringing this to NYC be an option.”


“How can I get this at my school?” (from Tennessee)

“I am a Teacher in Tennessee and I want to bring this to my school. How can I get this at my school?”

kids wearing fitness trackers

Howdy and thanks for your interest in wanting to implement Fly Movement at your school. As you can see above, we get inquiries ALL THE TIME from Teachers, Schools, and Parents who would like to have their kids participate in Fly Movement (or at least a similar program) that motivates kids to move. And the truth is, WE WANT to help you and launch Fly Movement wherever it’s wanted.


But, (of course there’s a but), there are some hurdles:


The 2 main obstacles you will need to overcome to launch Fly Movement in your school


  1. The cost to purchase the fitness trackers and access to the DHS health technology platform that is used to track the kids’ movements is roughly $50 per student. So, the average cost for two classrooms to participate in the program (20-25 kids) is $2,500. You can learn more about the Movband trackers we use here.


  1. The fitness trackers need to be synced and charged every week – and this is not the responsibility of the parents nor the Teachers. So, someone other than the Teacher needs to be designated to retrieve all the trackers from the students once a week and sync each tracker one at a time via USB to a laptop. This can take anywhere from 2-3 hours each week for a program with 50 students.


There are other tasks associated with our program to make it hum along smoothly and you will need some awesome volunteers (see Fly Movement’s Volunteer Guide). If you have solutions to these two hurdles (perhaps you are a teacher and can raise money on and also have a reliable volunteer who can sync the trackers once a week for six weeks), then we will provide answers to any question you may have and share all of our learnings with you. We want you to be able to launch this new and innovative kids’ fitness program in your school. If you are in Houston, we’ll be able to help you with synchronizing the fitness trackers.


Are you game? If you think so, then see ‘So You Want to Launch a Kids Fitness Program?’ This shows step-by-step how our program works.


Still interested? Then contact us. There’s no need to wait.

– Eric