Teacher & Parent Responsibilities

What are the Teacher and Parental responsibilities for kids participating in Fly Movement?

You may get a kick out of this… Hardly NONE!

That’s right, parents are not obligated to do anything in order for their child to participate in Fly Movement. They don’t have to purchase a fitness tracker, they do not have to enroll their kids in an after school program, they do not have to drive them anywhere. The parents responsibility is virtually non existent – designed this way on purpose. The only thing we ask of parents is to sign a parental consent form and to not let their kids go swimming or shower while wearing the fitness trackers.

As for Teachers, we ask Teachers if they can assist us with the following:

  • help us distribute and retrieve parental consent forms
  • allow us 4 x 15-25 minute visits with the kids during a six-week period
  • help us distribute and retrieve post-survey forms
  • are encouraged to wear a fitness tracker as well

If you want to know what volunteers do, check out our volunteer guide.


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